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Articles by Daniel Bingamon

A collection of thoughts and opinions on various things.

My Mars Theory

A collection of thoughts and opinions on various things.

Heard that they have discovery that Mars produces a large amount of Methane gas, but it also looses it at a high rate as well.

I'm surprised that they are surprised.  Mars shows evidence of major impact from a huge asteroid or sub-planetary body (like a moon).  It you look at surface contours of Mars, you'll evidence of the crater and on the opposite side of the planet you'll a mountainous zone like that of the Grand Canyon only much greater.

My theory is that this impact created a huge compression into the mantel zone of the planet and this caused the fluidic compression so great that it blew out the other side.   This cause the core of the planet to cease rotation, thus ending the full magnetic field of the planet (a well known fact).  There is no polar magnetic field or it's extremely weak which could indicate that there is some rotation deeper with the core but not what is standard for the planets size. 

Now the core is a natural fusion reactor, every planet has one, even Earth.  When it is rotating, it is producing a health planetary magnetic field.  It keeps some things in and reduces solar radiation.  The fusion is still producing methane as a byproduct like the other planets in the system do.  Note:  I'm not saying that it directly produces methane, there is a process going on that combines the hydrogen and carbon on the way to surface.  The absence of core rotation is what is prevent the planet from holding reserves in place.  Without rotation, it is an uneven burning fire and some day  (long after we're gone) the uneven burning will be exposed.

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