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  Jubilee Music Instruments & Crafts,
  Daniel Bingamon, Maker of Tin Whistles, Folk Music Instruments, Electronics and Crafts.
  Kings Mills, Ohio 45034
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About - Jubilee Music Instrument Co

Maker of Folk Music Instruments and Crafts.



Jubilee Music Instrument Co.  Founded 1998 as hobby business to build music instruments.

I get a great joy out of building instruments and getting them into hands of musicians, whether beginner or advanced. 

I have recently moved my workshop from the Peters Cartridge Factory back to my garage (1/4 mile from the previous location)


Tin Whistles, Folk Clarinets, Flutes and other instruments are built on my 1920's era Bradford Machine Lathe with a Variable Speed Motor Attached.  Other equipment includes, Central Machinery Bandsaw, Sears Bench Grinder, Delta Drill Press, Delta Belt & Disk Sander, Dremel Drill Motor with specialized attachments, a cross-vise and a polishing wheel.  Have recently added a 12" planer and a oscillating drum sander to the equipment.

Tonehole positions are calculated using Art Benade's Formulas and other special analysis.  Special attention is given to avoiding sharp edges in the bore and undercutting procedures are observed.

In the summer of 1999, I began performing repair operations from my shop after doing a few private jobs and experimenting with equipment that I purchased for practice.

You'll also get a lot of experimental information on my Website, I encourage others who wish to build music instruments and you'll also find some very unusual instruments not seen on other websites (like the Bi-whistle, the Basswhistle or the Bag Whistle).

Owner of Jubilee Music Instrument Co.: Daniel Bingamon   Ohio Vendors License - Warren County Ohio - Kings Mills Local School District

Websites Maintained by Daniel Bingamon:  www.bingamon.com www.tinwhistles.us www.littlemiamiartisans.com

Website to my Day Job:  www.ccdi1.com

I operate Jubilee Music Instrument Co. as a part-time business with really strange operating hours, my day job description 

is Computer Programmer, Electronic Designer, Pneumatic Designer for Airflow Test Machines at CCDI.

Member of Little Miami Artisans



Hours:  Fridays and Sunday afternoons, I'm usually there and most evenings as well.

Mailing Address:  Box 227 Kings Mills Ohio 45034

Home Phone (513) 398-8617

Exact Coordinates of workshop: 39.354348N,84.24575W or +39° 21' 15.65", -84° 14' 44.70"



Open source is good thing, on some newer products you will see something about  "Open Source Whistle Design". 
That means that the plans, tonehole positions, tubing size, finger hole distances, fipple dimension, tonebody lengths are available to the public.  By making the tonebody information available, headjoints or tonebodies from other whistle makers could offer some compatibility.


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